Dipa TrivediOsteopath / Pilates, Yoga & meditation teacher

Dipa is an Osteopath and a Pilates, Yoga and meditation teacher. She qualified as an osteopath from the University College of Osteopathy in London and is passionate about healing others, aiming to deliver excellent patient care.

She has been helping patients with rehabilitation for over 12 years, including pre/post operation, sport/yoga injury, pre/postnatal and women’s health. She has extensive training in exercises for rehabilitation, core, Pilates and yoga. She uses it within her treatment plan to maximise healing opportunities through movement therapy while applying musculoskeletal hands-on techniques of manipulating joints and spine and targeted soft tissue massage. 
From a young age, she has been doing a lot of sports and still does, being a mother of three children (triathlon, running, swimming, cycling, tennis, Pilates, yoga, athletics). 

She teaches mindfulness practices and regularly gives talks at company events for stress management in the workplace (e.g., VISA, DIOR, NAVIGANT, LOUIS VUITTON). 

Dipa used to work in finance in the city before converting her life to supporting and helping others in their healing journey.