Post-surgical rehabilitation

When recovering from a surgery, it is essential to introduce specific activities or movements at the correct rate and within the correct time frame

How we can help

At the clinic we use post-surgical rehabilitation protocols to restore your full fitness safely and at an optimum rate.

Most of us will usually consider other options before proceeding with surgery, although once we have selected this type of treatment we want to make sure it is successful and brings the desired results.

Rehabilitation after surgery is a process of very controlled exercise selection and advise that allows optimum recovery and ensures protection of the operated tissues.

Example of personalised physio exercise video on your smartphone

Get a personalised exercise programme direct to your device

Practical videos will help you perform your exercises correctly – which is why we utilise mobile-friendly exercise programmes that can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

  • "Great support and encouragement backed up by expertise. Really made a difference – I'm capable of more than I thought possible. Took time to understand prior condition plus surgery and developed programme accordingly. Assessed progress throughout. Would recommend without hesitation."

    Joan Bennett
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