Jakub BienczakCompany Director, Lead Physiotherapist

State Registered Physiotherapist
Member of CSP (The Charted Society Of Physiotherapists)
Member of AACP (Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists)

Jakub Bienczak, (the clinic’s current Lead Physiotherapist and Company Director), completed his MSc in Physiotherapy at the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow and joined the company in 2007. He has trained with the International Maitland Teachers Association on their Postgraduate Program.

From a young age Jakub has always had a keen interest in sport, having participated in tennis, swimming, running, basketball, golf, surfing and cycling at various points in his life. Jakub excelled at maths and physics when he was young, and, through his studies, went on to develop an in-depth understanding of the human skeletal system and principles of biomechanics. Whilst studying, he sustained several injuries, and experienced first-hand what the recovery process felt like. Through these personal experiences and his acquired knowledge, Jakub has embraced the power of movement therapy and its ability to change lives.

He also learnt from his mother (a nurse) about how caring and helping others can bring a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment to life. His combined knowledge and experience (especially with treating lower back pain) has meant that Jakub has gained the trust and confidence of local GPs and specialists, who refer patients to the clinic. He is keen on new techniques and methods, collaborating with practitioners and introducing the latest treatment solutions to the clinic. Jakub is committed to this work and ensures that he is always maintaining the high standards set out by the clinic.

CORRINE IFIELD, Physiotherapist at W6 Physiotherapy