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Our story

Our clinic was founded in 1984 by Marian Jorasz. With a background in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, he worked with some of the country’s leading surgeons and orthopaedics. With the original practice in Harley Street, London, Marian began treating patients with musculoskeletal problems, and the practice saw about 60 new patients a year.

The practice (then called The Back Pain Group) expanded and moved to another central London location in Wimpole Street in 2008, and in 2007, to its present location in Hammersmith.

Although Marian retired in 2014, he still has an advisory role within the business. He keeps fit and healthy by continuing with his daily exercise program and his ongoing love of organic food and nature. He continues to be an inspiration to us all.

Jakub Bienczak (the clinic’s current Lead Physiotherapist and Company Director) joined the company in 2007 with the formation of W6 Physiotherapy Ltd in 2013, with Jakub as the Company Director.

Today, the clinic consists of a small friendly group of movement experts, with an emphasis on attention to detail and personalised care. You will find that all our physiotherapists and support staff take clients’ problems and the potential to recover very seriously—encouraging patients to follow their personalised exercise programs, and taking pleasure in watching the results and supporting individual roads to recovery. With this exceptional service, until now, the clinic had nearly 600 new registered patients and continues to grow.

We look forward to helping you recover.

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W6 Physio facilities

You can now see our specialists in Hammersmith or Richmond Clinic.

How we work

We work with local GP practices and specialists of a musculoskeletal nature, providing services according to HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) standards.

Our patients come from all walks of life and age groups and often return to us for help with different conditions. Since we are a private facility patients can either self fund their treatment or can use private medical insurance.

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