Back pain

Back pain is very common and can often improve on its own within a few days or weeks

How we can help with your back pain

Back pain is very common and can often improve on its own within a few days or weeks. However, this is not always the case, and when back pain stops you from performing your day-to-day activities, it is sensible to get some advice.

When you attend your Initial Assessment we will undertake a relevant medical history review, and usually spend approximately 30 minutes on a detailed examination.

Once we have established why you are suffering from back pain, we will give you advice on how to reduce your pain, determine what may be contributing to your pain, and explain how the pain can be minimised or eliminated altogether.

In the second part of the Initial Assessment we allocate time for local treatment with manual therapy, and demonstrate specific therapeutic exercises which you can do to help improve your problem.

Example of personalised physio exercise video on your smartphone

Get a personalised exercise programme direct to your device

Practical videos will help you perform your exercises correctly – which is why we utilise mobile-friendly exercise programmes that can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Meet your therapists

  • "Jakob is excellent and has sorted me out three times over the years for neck, back and hip problems. I highly recommend!"

    Jodi Bart
  • "Best physiotherapist I've ever visited. I had a few problems with my back, but after few visits and bit of prescribed exercise at home I definitely felt improvements and strength in my back. Always welcoming and friendly staff."

    Linas Bucys