Tendon rehabilitation

We provide comprehensive tendon rehabilitation

How we can help a torn tendon

Tendons connect your muscles with your bones, and even though they are extremely tough, when they are overloaded or used incorrectly they can get injured or show signs of wear and pain.

Those who have experienced tendinopathies (tendon injuries) know that treatment can, unfortunately, be very lengthy.

To ensure the most efficient recovery, we will provide you with exercises that will help to offload the injured tendon.

Tendon rehabilitation may require you to follow a regular exercise regimen which will facilitate in healing the tendon.

Once you are ready to return to your activity, we will help plan your return to the sport and advise you on the recommended activity frequency and intensity to prevent re-injury.

Example of personalised physio exercise video on your smartphone

Get a personalised exercise programme direct to your device

Practical videos will help you perform your exercises correctly – which is why we utilise mobile-friendly exercise programmes that can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet and laptop.

  • "Had a terrific session with Jakob - he was extremely thorough and was able to provide an excellent analysis of an issue I had with my knee. Highly recommended."

    Daniel Marget